Organic Gardening

Growing as much organic food as possible in your available space – that is the main goal to reading this site. We aim to assist you gain a solid foundation to growing fruit and vegetables, herbs, and general permaculture principles so you can grow, protect, harvest and re-grow (while keeping costs down).

We You want to have maximum produce to show after taking the time to plan, design then build your growing space. Our guide to building and maintaining your veggie patch at home has been put together especially for people with small areas and are new to growing organically. It discusses options for growing in any situation – even if you are renting. The site can help you with practical pointers to growing organically, such as selecting the right plants for your area to ensure your success. Also if you should buy heirloom or store bought seeds. And of course, the overall theme emphasizes low cost, renewable methods as much as possible. Within the site there is a focus on growing new plants from old, seed saving of heirloom varieties with tips, techniques and further resources to help you at all stages of your journey.

We all want to grow as much healthy fruit and vegetables at home as efficiently and cost effective as possible. This site aims to help Australian families realize that organic fruit and vegetables can be grown in whatever space you have available and also to fit into your lifestyle. By doing just a few things well in your garden you will be living more sustainable – you can have fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs available with moderate setup work. The blue boxes on this page (see below) will direct you through to each of the 4 section of the website.

Organic Gardening now days is become essential to many families for health reasons, cost of living and social/environmental concerns. Most areas of the country have experienced food price inflation and general rises in living costs for young families with data continuing to show home affordability decreasing for them. This should not stop anyone who wants to produce fresh food at home; suitable methods to do so are a primary purpose of this site. Simply allocate some space at home and a small amount of time – this site shows you there are plenty of ways to get involved and productive. We also discuss the vast reasons to get growing (and continue to grow) as much as possible. This site has plenty of freely available material, external links, a growing blog section and material to download and read offline if you wish.

Plan it right and you can have an organic garden that looks after itself. It then supplies you, year after year, with fruit and vegetables as nature intended. A beautiful yet simple garden that will also save you money day-in, day-out.

If you have little space, if your a beginner or have only a little money to start you can still enjoy all this even if you have always felt it impossible

Start by reading our 6 part guide – Download or read online now. Step 1 here – practical advice to get started. Or you can read a selection from the Blog.